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Rain -- and lots of it!

Meanwhile the USPS comes through!

storm 84 °F

You might remember the story I posted about the package that made it from Troutdale to Austin and back to Troutdale in just five days... Why it was returned to sender remains a mystery as it arrived today and the address was completely correct. Very odd. I will have to visit the Troutdale, Oregon, post office and thank Dave for being so helpful from 1800 miles away and his resending that package. So, despite a little glitch in the system, the USPS did deliver...

...however, this rain could have stopped them. Hurricane Alex started a wave of tropical moisture pouring into Central Texas, and it has not stopped. Today we had a tremendous downpour -- one of the hardest I've ever seen. Water, water everywhere.
I hear it's raining back home in the Portland area today as well. The big difference is the temperature. People here are still swimming, biking, and running since it's still in the 80s with all this rain falling. Today I saw some guys skimboarding in a local park; everything was as if it were sunny: wearing only boardshorts and running around with skimboards, but instead of the river or lake, there were skimming across the grass. My sister and I still ate outside (under cover, of course) and it was quite fun to watch the pedestrians dashing from stores to their cars. When we walked the streets, had this great domed clear umbrellas which kept us high and dry while still allowing perfect vision.

Weedy is doing fine in his new environment. Chirping, whistling and attempting to fly. Neeko, Jakob, Ella and Lance are all doing what they do.

We are planning to have guest tomorrow for the fireworks they shoot off from Barton Creek Country Club (right across the street). This is my nephew's friend Grant's family. Grant's mom is a teacher, so we'll be able to share more stories and continue our discussion from last year. And I know this rainy weather will scoot out of here soon and those 95° days will return.

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Weedy is home; USPS messes up

Cockatiel joins others while package goes astray

storm 84 °F

Well, Weedy is now home. My nephew -- also known as the world's greatest nine-year old -- now has a pet cockatiel. Going to the pet store the last couple days was interesting. Apparently you decided which type of bird you'd like and then you kind of give them an audition to see which one bonds with you. I imagine people who select dogs or cats do the same. Anyway, once you've selected your bird, they stay at the pet store for a bit to make sure they're healthy, gaining weight and learning to eat by themselves. Today was the day Weedy got to come home. He has a great cage, tons of toys and such and doesn't seem to mind the roaming of Neeko the pug, Jakob the golden and Ella the persian. Lance -- the bearded dragon -- is safely upstairs away from all the commotion.

Meanwhile... I mailed a package from Oregon to Austin. Had it timed to arrive when I did, and things seemed to be going perfectly. I had a tracking number and the package was here in Austin and out for delivery. It never showed up. Then again no package. I checked online and was afraid I had put the wrong zip code, so I called the USPS. What a trial to get to a real person. You actually have to start giving the automated system insane answers it doesn't understand until it feels so sorry for you that it is wiling to connect you with a real person. This morning the package had made it all the way back to Troutdale and was marked as UNDELIVERABLE and RETURN TO SENDER. I had to hang up on a very rude customer service representative and go through the automated nightmare and was finally able to speak with someone nice. I was given the Troutdale Post Office's phone number. It turns out the address was perfectly correct -- including the zip code. So the Postmaster in Troutdale is resending the package to me here in Austin. I've spoken with the Troutdale Postmaster, the Austin (78735) Postmaster and the postman for where I am staying. Everyone is on the lookout for the package... we'll see.

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Austin is greeting me with a bang!

storm 79 °F

It's so nice to be back in Austin. The flights were wonderful. I was a bit concerned about changing airlines -- from U.S. Airways to Frontier -- but now I wish I had made the change years ago. Comfy seats -- private television with each seat -- fun loving flight attended and efficient boarding system. Just after landing a bit of stormy weather courtesy of Tropical Storm Alex hit. A massive thunder and lightening storm and heavy rain. Great to be safe and sound and able to witness the power of Mother Nature. So far it's been the world's greatest nine year old and all his new knowledge!

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Checked in and ready to fly!

First stop: Denver.

semi-overcast 54 °F

I had never done the online checkin before. Smooth and easy. Bypassed the long line of travelers and spent only a minute at the counter. So far so good, Frontier Airlines. It took a bit longer to get my caramel latte at Starbucks; now I'm sitting at gate C8 awaiting the call to board. Everything is on time for a 6:15 departure from PDX. It's partly cloudy and 54° in Portland. Denver is forecast to be mostly sunny and it's current 60° (forecast high in the upper 80s)... With potential Hurricane Alex stirring things up, Austin has a chance of thunderstorms with temperatures in the 90s. Could be an interesting afternoon coming into land...

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Boarding passes printed

Austin is a day away!


On the eve of my annual trek to Austin, Texas, to visit the world's greatest nine-year old, my sister, mother and many other family members. This is a chance for a complete change of scenery and place. Austin is an amazing city in the heart of Texas. The hill country with its rivers, lakes, greenery (yes -- greenery in Texas) and vibrant culture makes a great escape and place to unwind after completing my twenty-second year of teaching. Great times, great food, great memories await! The boarding passes have been printed for Frontier Airlines -- a switch from my usual airline -- as I couldn't pass up the two free bags Frontier offers. Austin, here I come!

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